Alternative to Shakeology- Just as Potent but Cheaper?

Shakeology Alternative

So you love Shakeology, it works great. But it’s expensive, it’s breaking your pockets, and you wonder if there’s a “cheaper alternative to Shakeology” out there?

The answer is yes, and the alternative we’re going to discuss today is just as potent as Shakeology, but for literally under half the price.

Now as you may already know, Shakeology is surely one of the best superfood smoothies out on the market. The brand of Beachbody is a very popular brand with millions of customers. Therefore as with any popular brand, prices for their products are expected to be top dollar. And with hundreds of thousands of people doing popular exercise programs like P90X and 21 Day Fix, Shakeology is Beachbody’s core recommended supplement to use when doing these programs.

Purchasing from Beachbody or any retailer that sells Beachbody products, sells Shakeology for an average of $129.99 + $24.95 shipping and handling. Although for such a nutritious drink, this is still very pricy. And to mention it is only a 30 day supply meant for only 1 person.

But why pay $150+ per month for Shakeology when there’s a new superfood supplement known as Athletic Greens that’s fast and growing in popularity and rated #1 Top performing supplement of 2015, and now going into 2016?

High Quality Cheaper Alternative to Shakeology

Alternative to Shakeology

Yes it’s true, Athletic Greens is a very high quality premium superfood that is truly comparable to Shakeology. Customers are loving it. Just 1 serving of Athletic Greens contains 70 whole food ingredients, and up to 12 servings of healthiest fruits and vegetables.

So if you are looking for the supplement that can truly replace Shakeology, going to give you that energy and nutrition to fuel your workouts, then know that Athletic Greens is the one to get.

Also many customers who are dieting have used Athletic Greens in place of a meal and have noticed significant weight-loss results, more motivation to exercise, and less cravings for junk food.

Where to Buy Athletic Greens?

The best place to purchase Athletic Greens (to get rock bottom price without any markups) is from the Athletic Greens official website. Because although you can purchase Athletic Greens on Amazon and possibly GNC, you will likely pay the price you are paying for Shakeology or possibly more.

And for a limited time, the makers of Athletic Greens is offering a special 50% OFF discount for first time customers. Which is a friendly price of only $48.50 with a 60 Days No Questions Asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Also, all first time customers get a free Complete 30 Day Fat Loss Plan book. More than 70 pages of guidance for nutrition, stamina and results, without additional exercise, counting calories or starving yourself.

Even if you don’t have any weight to lose, this  nutrition plan will teach you how to refrain from gaining fat, become even more energized, and how to increase your athletic potential without spending countless hours at the gym. Very easy to read and understand, unlike many nutrition guides out there on the market that are difficult to understand. It’s yours 100% free with your order of Athletic Greens.

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Best Shakeology Alternative
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