Allow Us To Earn Your Trust

We are well aware that it’s hard to trust everything you read and see on the internet. But here at Champion Reviews, we strive to earn your trust. You will find nothing but truthful, legitimate and valuable information here on We are 100% FTC Compliant with all business that we conduct.

User safety and customer satisfaction is our number one goal. You will even find helpful tips on our blog on ways to avoid online scams, how to identify a possible scam, and even how you can report it to online authorities.

Purchasing Products Here On Champion Reviews

Just as we love to earn your trust, we also love to earn your business! We are rapidly growing in a wide variety of products that we offer and at very competitive prices. There are websites out there that tries to price gouge you into overpaying 2 or 3 times what a product is really worth. The difference here on Champion Reviews is the prices on the products that we offer are rock bottom. Often times we will have the lowest prices on the internet on some of our products.

And we take customer satisfaction very seriously. If one of our customers isn’t satisfied with their purchase for any reason, we make it a very high priority to rectify our customer’s dissatisfaction. We are an independently owned and operated business, therefore everything is done in house, including going the extra mile to make our customers happy.

When you contact us for customer support, we do NOT route your request to a customer service desk in another country. We have a phone number that dials directly to our office as well an email support address that goes directly to someone that can help you. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours or less. So never hesitate to contact us if you should ever have any questions or concerns.

Is your personal information safe here on ChampionReviews?

The great thing about our website here on is we don’t collect any sensitive information, even during a purchase. The only information that we collect from our customers is their name and email address.

And as part of our user safety due diligence, we do not store any of our customers credit card information. In fact, we never even see any customer’s credit card information. The payment processor we use is Paypal, which is one of the safest payment processors that exist when making an online purchase. When a customer purchases a product from Champion Reviews, they are then taken to Paypal’s highly secured website for checkout. This is where our customers enter their actual credit card or payment information. And once the transaction is completed, our customer is then returned back to for confirmation that their order was successfully placed.

It’s literally that simple! Then we send our customer an email to confirm the contents of their purchase, which contains a receipt. And we also provide tracking information once the product has shipped.

How To Contact Us

It is very easy to contact us. If you need to contact us for any reason, know that we look forward to hearing from you. Just click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page from anywhere on our site for our contact information.