Electronic Cigarette Review

Choosing the “Best Electronic Cigarette”

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If you have been searching around the internet for the best electronic cigarette, then be sure to read this entire page before you buy or order any electronic cigarettes.

Because there are many e (electronic) cigarettes out there to choose from. But some are overpriced, some cause harmful allgeric/asthmatic reactions, and “most” simply don’t quite satisfy the craving like a real cigarette does.

E Cigarettes that taste like real cigarettes

The one thing that most people who have tried e cigarettes hate the most is they don’t taste or smoke like a real cigarette. It’s like you’re smoking air and does absolutely nothing to satisfy your craving. Therefore 94% of people just revert back to normal cigarettes until they can find the e cigarette that truly works for them. But as we know, the longer you smoke regular cigarettes the more it is literally killing you. This is not something I really want to talk about, but it is a fact that real cigarettes can become fatal.

But what if there is an e cigarette that delivers a warm, very pungent taste with every inhale, satisfying your craving just like a real cigarette but without the harmful effects of a real cigarette?

Well we have actually found one that’s been tested and rated the number 1 America’s favorite electronic cigarette. And you are about to learn why…

Royal Crown Electronic Cigarette

Royal Crown Electronic Cigarettes

The Royal Crown Electronic Cigarette, aka the Royal Crown Electronic Vaporizer was the winner of the E-Cig 2013 taste test.

The e cigarettes that Royal Crown offer are side effect free, allergy free and does not contain any toxic/harmful chemicals.

Of all the e cigarettes that we researched, “Royal Crown Electronic Cigarette” was one of the only ones that makes you feel like you are smoking a real cigarette. It gives you the nicotine you need, but it doesn’t contain tar and will not kill you over time like real cigarettes will do. It won’t stain your teeth, cause bad breath, smell your clothes or offend non smokers around you.

And last but not least, it will save you hundreds of dollars per year on buying cigarettes. You can take your e cigarette anywhere such as at restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruises, and many more places where real cigarettes are disallowed.

Where to buy Electronic Cigarettes

We recommend you buy Royal Crown Electronic Cigarette. This can be purchased directly on their website by clicking here. On top of this being rated the favorite e cigarette in America, they are offering a special 100% risk free trial to let you try out a brand new Royal Crown Electronic Cigarette with extras for only $4.95 shipping & handling.

Once you place your order, you will be sent a free e cigarette starter kit that will include a rechargeable 650mah battery, 2 refillable clearomizers, 3 flavored e liquids, an AC and USB charger with a full color instruction manual. And the best part, you get a Life Time Warranty and a 30 days 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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where to buy e cigarettes

free e cigarette starter kit