Grandma’s Golden Dream

Author: Joyce K. Bennie Johnson

Grandma's Golden Dream

Grandma’s Golden Dream, a story about a grandmother and her 2 granddaughters that goes on an extreme adventure. Where a dream becomes a reality after drinking a cup of “Magical Golden Hot Chocolate”.

An adventure about taking the 2 granddaughters anywhere in the world that they desire to go, which takes them to a place that any child would “Dream” to go. A place filled with candy, ice cream and every kind of toy imaginable.

About the Author: Joyce K. Bennie

Joyce Bennie

Joyce Bennie is a very spiritual and talented woman of God who loves Children. Joyce was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and has positively impacted many children’s lives around the city with her love and kindness. God revealed to her years ago that one of her talents was working with children and helping them achieve their dreams in life.

God also has blessed Joyce with the ability of being an inspirational writer. She has already written several other children’s stories aside from Grandma’s Golden Dream. And also several spiritual based novels that will help those that’s living for God to endure life’s hardships and storms. All will be coming very soon!

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Joyce Bennie

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