Credit Karma Review

Credit Karma Review

If you are really looking to get a free credit score at, then you might want to read this entire page before doing so. A few years back, Credit karma popped up all over the media and internet claiming to be the only credit reporting company that offers you a completely free credit score.

Now please understand that this article is in no way meant to bash or invalidate “Credit Karma” as a company. In fact, they are a fantastic company. But there’s something you must understand about their credit score reporting…

Is Credit Karma Really Free?

The answer is yes, Credit Karma is truly a free credit score reporting company. But what they offer you is not really going to help you determine what your actual credit situation is like.

Credit Karma only gives you 1 credit score

The main issue with Credit Karma is they only offer you one credit score from one of the 3 bureaus. Which I believe is Experian. To really understand your credit situation, you need to know all 3 of your scores as well as your credit reports. This is a fact. Because when you apply for any kind of credit (especially for something like a house or car) most creditors will pull at least 2, and sometimes all 3 of your credit scores to make a determination whether or not you are eligible to receive the credit or loan.

So if you are only going by one of your credit scores…. Let’s say it is Experian, and you have a 740 credit score. You may think wow, I have a great credit score. But then later find out that your other 2 credit scores (Equifax and TransUnion) are in the low 600s, which overall you actually have a bad credit score. And yes, your 3 credit scores can be very different from each other. The reason is when you apply for credit or for a loan, you don’t know exactly which of your credit scores they are pulling and reporting to (unless they give you copy of the score they pulled). So know that it pays to know all 3 of your scores.

How To Get All 3 Credit Scores And Reports

Unfortunately, most of the free credit score reporting companies out there are very similar to Credit Karma. They only offer you a single credit score or report from just one of the 3 bureaus…

But we have discovered a well known trusted company by the name of Direct Credit Scores that offers all 3 credit scores and all 3 credit reports from all 3 bureaus for only $1 for the first 7 days. Direct Credit Scores is a BBB Registered and PCI compliant business, that lets you get all 3 scores and reports fast, easy and secure.

Your Social Security Number is NOT Required!

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Once you order your 3 Credit Scores and Credit Reports for just $1‚ you will begin a 7 day trial membership to allow you get the benefits right away before billing you for the full membership. But you may easily cancel anytime without penalty (no contracts or commitments).

With your membership at Direct Credit Scores, you will have access to credit bureau monitoring and receive alerts should anything change on your credit reports. But one of the other best things you will love about Direct Credit Scores is their customer service. Should you have any questions/concerns, or need help with understanding something on your credit report, there’s always friendly customer service reps that’s happy to help.

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Disclaimer: Additional Terms and Conditions apply after proceeding to Direct Credit Scores website.