100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

50% Chlorogenic Acid

Don’t OVERPAY For Overpriced Brands of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Pure Green Coffee For Weight Loss

We believe it’s only fair that you understand the “truth” before you purchase any Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight loss supplements…

So before you spend $40 or $50+ on a single 30 day supply of Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement, be sure to read every word on this page before you decide to do it. 

Now when it comes to specific brands of “100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract”, understand that the name on the label is what’s going to actually determine how much you are going to pay for your Green Coffee for weight loss supplement.

Having said that, the name or brand of a specific Green Coffee Bean Supplement has nothing to do with how effective it will be for weight loss.


Determining how effective a Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement is going to be for weight loss

No matter how special a company may try to make their supplement seem compared to others, here’s the truth about how effective Green Coffee Bean can be for weight loss…

It’s simply by looking at 2 things. One, how much Green Coffee Bean Extract per serving, and two, how much CGA (Chlorogenic Acid) it contains.

800mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract is about the average standard for how much can be safely taken in a single serving and also proven effective for weight loss. But some companies out there will have their supplement listed in big bold print as “1600mg“… But when you read the fine print or look on back of the bottle, it clearly says “800mg per serving”. Since it is suggested to take 2 servings per day, they can get away with printing a big 1600mg on the bottle, but when it’s really the standard 800mg per serving. So don’t let that fool you.

And a Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement that contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid (50% CGA) has also been proven effective in helping you lose body fat.

What is Green Coffee Really?

Before I get to how Green Coffee Bean Extract with CGA helps you burn fat, I first want to explain briefly what “Green Coffee” really is for those that are not aware.

Green Coffee is the same coffee that we put in our coffee pots and drink with our breakfast. The reason it has its “green color” is because it is not roasted like the coffee we drink. The coffee we drink get its “brown color” because it’s been roasted before being put inside the container.

The big question a lot of people have is, “Why does Green Coffee Help You Lose Weight, But Regular Coffee Do Not?”

The answer is quite simple. When coffee is roasted, it burns and destroys about 98% of the CGA (Chlorogenic Acid) that’s in the coffee bean. And the CGA is the active natural ingredient in coffee that gives it its fat burning power.

What is Chlorogenic Acid? And How Does it Help With “Weight Loss“?

Chlorogenic Acid (often listed as “CGA”) is the natural polyphenolic compound ingredient within “Green Coffee Bean Extract” that helps your body burn fat.  When enough Chlorogenic Acid enters your body (such as an 800mg supplement that contains 50% CGA) it causes your liver to reduce the amount of Glucose being released into your blood stream.

And when this happens your body begins to release and burn off stored body fat, and storing glucose in your glycogen stores as energy instead of in your fat cells. So if you have heard of people claim to have an energy boost after taking Green Coffee Bean Extract, this is why. It promotes a healthy metabolism with appetite control, and utilizes glucose to work for you and not against you. These are some of the biggest Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits.

Are there any Side Effects when taking Green Coffee Bean Extract?

There has been no serious “Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects” when taken as directed. It is just as safe as drinking coffee. The only possibility of someone experiencing side effects is if they are allergic to caffeine or if they exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Most Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements contain less than 5% Caffeine per serving.

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