21 Day Sugar Detox Diet

21 day sugar detox

So you have been hearing a lot about the 21 day sugar detox diet. And now you want more information or even want to try it out.

But before you buy somebody’s “sugar detox” book, read this entire article first. I am going to give you one of our best known 21 day sugar detox diet plans for 100% FREE.


What is the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet?

The 21 day sugar detox diet, or also known as just “sugar detox diet” is a diet intended to detox your body from sugar to help prevent diabetes, heart disease and to also greatly accelerate weight loss. No matter how young or old you are, or if you are a man or woman, you can greatly benefit from the 21 day detox diet.

Some of the best benefits of detoxing your body from sugar are the following things:

  • Fat loss– Transform your body into a fat burning machine.
  • Boosted Metabolism– Speed up your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster and naturally.
  • More Energy– Feel more energized and less tired and sluggish through-out the day.
  • Better Sleep– Rest better at night and feel more motivated to start your day in the morning.
  • Eat More Food– Allows you to eat more “real foods” like lean meats, good carbs and veggies, but still maintain a healthy weight and metabolism.

What the “21 day sugar detox diet” does is cleanses your entire body from all sugar. This teaches your body to stop using sugar as its primary source of energy, forcing your body to use fat as its primary source of energy. If you feel like you don’t eat an insanely lot of food and or even exercise, but still have trouble losing weight or gaining weight, then your body could be what’s considered a “sugar burner”.

Sugar Burner vs Fat Burner

Someone who’s body is a sugar burner means that their body uses sugar as their primary fuel source (not to mistake using sugar as glycogen/energy). Any sugar that a sugar burner eats (even if only a little) their body tries to survive and fuel the entire body from the sugar. Instead of using fats, carbs and proteins as its primary fuel source as it should. The reason this is so bad is because virtually all the foods you eat (none sugary foods) are stored in the body as fat instead of being used as fuel as it suppose to be.

A fat burner on the other hand is where you want to be. Because fat burners uses fats, carbs and proteins as its primary source of fuel and uses sugar as extra energy. Have you ever wondered why there are people who can eat lots of food all day and night, but they are not fat and they stay very lean? This is because their body is a fat burner, not just because they have a high metabolism. And on the flip side, you may wonder why it seems you may eat so little but it’s hard for you to shed a pound? It’s because you are a sugar burner.

Surprising Sources of Sugars you May not be Aware of

You may feel like “Ok, I don’t eat a lot of sweets or drink pop/soda or anything. Is sugar really my problem?”.

There’s a lot of people who are sugar burners but don’t realize it because they don’t feel they eat much sugars. But surprisingly, sugar to some degree is found in over 74% of all the foods found in our local super markets.

Now let’s start with what may be the obvious stuff… We all know that stuff like pop, fruit juices, desserts, pastries are very high in sugar. Some people think switching from drinking pop/soda to what seems to be a healthy fruit juice is a wise step. But in reality, grape juice, apple juice and even orange juice on average contain can actually contain even more sugar than some sodas. 

So virtually a glass of Welch’s grape juice contains the same amount of sugar as a can of Mountain Dew. Even though the grape juice is considered healthy.

Now as for the “less obvious” sugar sources… Breads for one, no matter what kind it is gets  broken down as sugar as your body digests it. This is the same for white bread, brown bread, rye, wheat and whole grain breads. Pastas/noodles are the same. So alfredo, fettucini, spaghetti, macaroni and any kind of starch based noodle type food is broken down as sugar and can have the same effects on a sugar burner’s body as eating cake or some kind of pastry.

And now some “non obvious” sources of sugar… Diet pop, sugar free candy, artificial sweeteners, sauces and even some processed/canned meats and vegetables. Although artificial sweeteners, diet pop and sugar free candy are suppose to be suitable for dieters, diabetics and people who wants to keep their sugar intake low, they can still cause a sugar burner to gain weight and have problems losing weight.

And there was a time I was at my local grocery store and surprisingly found frozen and canned vegetables and meat that contained sugar when I looked at the back label. That was so crazy! Now the sugar content only ranged from 2g-10g per serving, but if someone included meals such as these 3 times per day, a person can intake 15-20+ grams of sugar that they don’t even know they are in-taking. And for a sugar burner, that 15 grams of sugar can be enough to keep you fat or stop you from losing weight.

Also watch the sauces! Barbecue sauce, mayo, ketchup, ranch and blue cheese salad dressings all contain sugar to some degree. Mayonnaise may only contain half gram of sugar, which isn’t bad, although it still contains sugar. But barbecue sauce on the other hand can contain a lot of sugar. The other sauces I mentioned will fall somewhere in between. And as you know there’s lots of other sauces out there that I did not mention, but some sauces also contains saturated and trans fats, which are NOT the good fats to ingest.

How to Transform your Body from a “Sugar Burner” to a “Fat Burner” in 21 Days or Less

Yes, you can truly transform your body from a sugar burner fat storing machine, into a hyper turbo fat burning machine in about 21 days or less with the “21 Day Sugar Detox Diet”. It doesn’t matter your gender, age, or how overweight you may be, the 21 day sugar detox diet can truly be the solution you have been looking for.

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